"Account Services, Inc. has become a trusted partner for our organization. They provide a flexible cost-effective solution to my accounting needs that fit between my CPA tax firm and my existing burdened staff. I always find them to be professional, responsive, and convenient."

"I would recommend, and I am willing to discuss the benefits of the services provided by Accounting Services Inc.’s team with anyone."

Owner, Computer Value Added Reseller | Kirkland, Washington

"Account Services, Inc. has been our main source of support of the administration for our back-office operations for our multiple restaurant locations in Seattle. Their staff has been most dependable and efficient, working with us in many necessary business functions including: payroll, business taxes, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, continual reconciling of all routine financial data, and providing web design, support and training."

"We very highly recommend Account Services, Inc. to any business that desires to build a solid accounting and administrative infrastructure. We would certainly not have been in as good as a position in these areas without their support. We recommended ASI to all businesses!"

Owner/Restauranteur | Seattle, Washington

"Having a professional accounting firm that is taking care of your everyday needs is an absolute necessity. Account Services, Inc. has fulfilled this role for us over the last few years."

"J. R. Hudson, their company president, is a multi-talented individual. He understands the needs of business beyond basic accounting. J. R. is a web developer, photographer and musician in addition to being an accountant."

"I would recommend anyone in J. R.’s team to help you feel secure in your accounting function and as a general business partner."

Interior designer | Seattle, Washington

"Since meeting the staff at Account Services, Inc. my business and personal accounting has been perfection, on time, and exceeding my expectations. I can connect with them on the fly without hassle and in most cases my answers are 100% on the spot."

"One great feature is the consulting J. R. Hudson offers - He's #1. Account Services, Inc. takes a lot off my plate allowing me to continue business successfully. Their on-site bookkeeping is a blessing."

Owner, Real estate broker | East King County, Washington

"You guys have all been great in handling our books to our liking and I have nothing but admiration for how you guys do business and how our account manager has done an excellent job of working with us and being timely with all of our financial needs."

"Thank you for everything that you have done for us-it has helped our business tremendously through out the years!"

Restaurant Partner | Seattle, Washington

"Honesty, Patience, Timely Responsiveness, and an Ability to work through Tough Issues, are valuable key traits I eagerly ascribe to Account Services, Inc. Through the experience and patience of their staff, they have been the perfect match for enabling me to control all the accounting activity of my business."

"ASI has always kept on top of my demanding and unique requirements and this has allowed me to have the best cash flow possible out of a difficult business environment."

"I recommend you seriously consider outsourcing accounting work to the competent and capable staff at Account Services, Inc. I am really glad that I did!"

Owner, Audio Equipment and Services for Events | Seattle, Washington

"Account Services, Inc.’s outsourced accounting and technical business services easily takes the place of a full-time employee. Their cost is much less than that of an equivalent full-time employee. When we have special requirements which would required more personnel, Account Services, Inc. is always able to supply us with support, and at times, on very short notice. We sincerely appreciate their flexible scheduling, depth of staff, and the specialized knowledge they bring."

"Account Services, Inc. has supported us through several audits from various agencies. With the core accounting service they provide. They are a highly-valued strategic partner with us in business."

President, Maker of computerized motion controllers | Seattle, Washington