Employment Policies


Account Services, Inc. provides flexibility in scheduling work times within 8AM-6PM, Monday through Friday. Once scheduled that schedule should remain unchanged. Employees must administer their own schedule via the internet, preferably in advance by at least one week. If a schedule changes significantly from what was scheduled, the schedule is to be updated to reflect such changes. Hours will not be credited to employees' payroll if scheduling is not completed properly.



Beginning the first of the month following the first annual anniversary of employment with Account Services, Inc., ASI provides one week of vacation. The length of day of vacation pay is based upon the average hours worked each day during six full months just prior to the vacation time (not including overtime) and at the average rate of pay per hour, subject to approval of the president. A second week is provided after three years of continuous employment. Earlier vacation (paid) may be allowed prior to being earned if approved by ASI's President.

Because ASI offers flexible scheduling, time off without pay is available as approved by the President. Due to the seasonal nature of our business, the maximum allowable vacation time during the months of December and January is two weeks (10 days). The maximum amount of accrued vacation time that can be carried forward from one calendar year to another is one week (5 days). We encourage our employees to take vacations when earned.

Hours in excess of the standard 40 hour work week for preparing clients for staff vacation time during a payroll period immediately prior to vacation is treated as Comp Time (see Comp Time).

Unless otherwise pursuant to any State, Federal, or local law, continuous employment is considered broken by any unauthorized leave of absence 90 calendar days and longer.


Beginning the first of the month following 90 days of employment (no hourly minimum), ASI allows six paid holidays, each paid based upon the average hours worked up to three full months prior to each holiday. The following holidays are paid holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Comp Time

Comp time is defined as time worked in excess of 40 hours during a standard week that is paid back to an employee during a successor bi-weekly payroll by agreement between the employee and ASI's President. If an employee works hours in addition to 40 hours during a standard week, the employee, with approval, may take time off in a following week with pay equal to the employee's regular hourly pay.

Basic Medical

Currently unavailable.

Sick Leave

Account Services, Inc. currently has no formal paid sick-leave policy. Although, verification of incapacity to perform on-the-job duties from a primary care physician may be required by Account Services, Inc. for any leave exceeding 3 days.

Employees are encouraged to consider purchasing optional personal disability insurance. Such insurance is available for both short- and long-term indemnification against loss due to illness or other disabilities.

Retirement plan

401(k) Employee Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description available upon request. Available to employees averaging 1,000 or more hours per calendar year.

Employment Agreement

We require that our employees accept an “Employment Agreement”. The only purpose of this agreement is to protect Account Services, Inc. by restricting departing employees from working with our client base and billing outside of Account Services, Inc. during and for up to one year after departure. It imposes absolutely no other restriction upon practicing accounting anywhere else in any capacity with the exception of disallowing disclosure to any third party of any unique operational trade secrets of Account Services, Inc’s. Through this Agreement, our employees agree to devote their working time and effort to the furtherance of the business of Account Services, Inc. Subject to any other agreement between an employee and Account Services, Inc., we expect our employees to seek only accounting and administrative business which is made available through us.

Account Services, Inc. is an “At-Will Employer”

We reserve the right to employ "at-will" for an indefinite period of time. This means that Account Services, Inc. can terminate employment with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. Employee has the same rights to terminate their employment with Account Services, Inc. Absent any State, Federal, Local law or governing contract to the contrary, employment with Account Services, Inc. and all the benefits described herein, are provided only at the sole discretion of Account Services, Inc. No statements made in any of the company’s policies will alter this “at-will relationship”.

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