Routine Bookkeeping

Accounts Payable - Full Processing

  • Classify invoices into the proper general ledger accounts.
  • Seek client approval for payments to be made to vendors.
  • Prepare and produce vendor open invoice reports.
  • Create and maintain vendor information files.
  • Coordinate with vendors on balances due
  • Coordinate with vendors seeking resolution on disputed items.
  • Meet due dates on all vendor invoices.
  • Process check printing and distribution.
  • Process online payments.
  • Perform annual 1099 vendor and contractor tax information reports.

Accounts Receivable - Full Processing

  • Input invoice detail from source documents.
  • Interpret contracts.
  • Coordinate with client and generate invoices for customers.
  • Create and maintain customer information files.
  • Input customer payment information.
  • Communicate credit policies.
  • Perform pre-collection communications.
  • Prepare, produce, and monitor customer open invoice reports.
  • Coordinate with customers on balances due.
  • Coordinate with customers seeking resolution on disputed items.
  • Reconcile and verify credit card deposits.
  • Process daily sales and deposit reports.

Payroll - Processing Receive and tally timekeeping records for hourly employees.

  • Produce paychecks for review, signature, and distribution.
  • Process direct deposits for employees.
  • Prepare payroll tax deposits paying attention to strict due dates.
  • Respond to employee verification requests.
  • Respond to employee payroll inquiries.
  • Prepare and forward state-required new-hire reports.

Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Resolve outstanding deposit issues.
  • Resolve outstanding draft issues.
  • Reconcile bank accounts based upon bank statements, make adjustments as necessary.